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Living in Geneva to take further studies in their university may be the best decision you’ll ever make in starting your professional path. Geneva is a lovely place to live in and studying in any educational unit in Geneva should make you proud and honored.

The University of Geneva is regularly ranked among the best world universities, despite its medium size of just about 13000 students. The university is founded by John Calvin in 1559.

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies was among the first academic institutions to offer international relations in the world, Located in the heart of International Geneva. It proposes today MA and PhD programmes in different fields such as Law, History, Political Science, International Affairs, Economics, and Development Studies.

Geneva is also home to the oldest international school in the world, the International School of Geneva. It is founded in 1924 along with the League of Nations. The accredited American university, Webster University, also has a campus in Geneva. Furthermore, the Institut International de Lancy (founded in 1903) and International University in Geneva, an accredited International University, also resides in the city.

For those looking for a place to study with breath-taking views, a private university, the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, is also located on the grounds of the Château de Penthes. It is an old manor with a park and view of Lake Geneva.

The public school system in the Canton of Geneva has écoles primaires (ages 4–12) and cycles d’orientation (ages 12–15). The obligation to attend school ends at age 16, but secondary education is provided by collèges (ages 15–19), the oldest of which is the Collège Calvin. It is considered as one of the oldest public schools in the world.

Among the many private school choices, CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) is probably the best known on a world basis, out of all the educational and research facilities in Geneva. Founded in 1954, CERN was one of Europe’s first joint ventures and has developed as the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. Physicists from around the world travel to CERN to research matter and explore the fundamental forces and materials that form the universe.

Choose among these famous institutions and make no hesitations living in Geneva to finish your graduate studies. The city offers many more reasons to make your stay there a pleasurable one.