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Shred all the Brussel Sprout with the mandolin, be careful not to take the tops of your fingers off! Use the second smallest size.
Cut the onion one end and peel off the skin and the tougher outer layer, use the smallest size to slice.
Add all ingredients together mix and serve.

Try this tasty, super simple recipe for a festive touch to your cold meats or vegetarian dishes.
It’s perfect for Boxing Day!

All you need is:

Brussel Sprouts

  • About 15 Brussel sprouts.
  • 1 small red onion.
  • 1 small handful of sultanas.
  • Rapeseed or Olive oil mayonnaise
  • – with a touch of mustard, enough to cover everything.
  • Pinch of finely ground pepper.
  • Mandolin slicer – with finger guard.

Brussel Sprout Directions

This keeps in the fridge for a day or two in a sealed container.
Delicious with your Christmas ham and turkey, or Quiche and other vegetarian options.

Brussel Sprout Health benefits:
Brussels are high in compounds that protect the liver and aid detoxification. They are also high in fibre, B Vitamins and minerals. Eaten raw are particularly potent.

Rapeseed oil has the highest content of healthy fats of any oil including olive oil.
Supports lowering cholesterol and healthy cell membranes in all tissues.
High in Vitamin E and important antioxidant to stop dietary fats oxidising and becoming toxic to cells in the body.